Friday, April 22, 2011

While we're not popping the cork just yet.. We are putting the ice in the bucket. The Kill Noise Collective/Grimey Rhyme regime collaboration is very near DONE. There is some Marvel/DC worlds collide fantasticness going on here. Richard Herrll did the production on multiple pieces of equipment. DAW's, Drum machines, Keyboard, Synthesizers, Guitar... the kid brought it. CRASH DDZ (The person's blog you are currently viewing} is the featured MC with a line up of friends on cameo duties. Mr. Goodbar, Leggaci, E-Dash of Xcape Artiz, CJ Prof of Actual People, Noah 23, Dynamic (Max78,)Sultra Devine, Meth Wun & the Kill Noise Killa himself, Joseph Web.

Join us on a journey through the future that is now to The Ends we manifest for ourselves. Ascend with killer robots to an eternity of bliss... and stuff...

The physical is coming with incredible graphics from Twisted Images own Sean McGlone.

CRASH DDZ will be performing track's off the album live on 5-20 at Uncle Pleasant's Lou Ky. CRASH DDZ thinks it's weird to type his name in third person.

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