Saturday, January 14, 2012

Murk-a-Troid - Demos in Limbo

Myself and Richard Herrell spent roughly a year putting Heaven's to Murk-a-Troid together on the odd weekday night here and there throughout. I'd show up with notebooks from high school to present day. He'd play a beat and I'd freestyle and read to a song.. Then take the copy home and come back next time and lay that track..and start a new one in the same manor. Freestyles and old ass writtens and even some on the spot write outs.. You can hear it and download it free here:

there's also an Instrumental pack of H2MAT and an acapella pack for all you digital DJ's. spin me. HELP THE TEAM ! All is appreciated.

Now what follows is The Demos in Limbo pack !
These are alternate and first version of some of the songs and a few that just didn't fit in where we wanted them to or weren't as quality as H2MAT songs seemed to be. They have heart tho and might just ear worm their ways into your brains and ears?
Thanks for listening, and reading, CRASH DDZ

Murk-a-Troid - Demos in Limbo: