Thursday, October 21, 2010

R.I.P. Eyedea

Last night the homie Noah23 came into town.. They were to be here this coming weds but cancelled the tour understandably...

 So Noah came into town anyway and I was going to meet him out to kick it at Mag Bar... knowing we'd talk about Eyedea a little bit and that it was pretty much the main thing on my mind since the minute I found out Eyedea was gone.

 I sat down and cried like a baby before going out. sobbing in what was basiclly an uncontrollable manner.It hit me harder than I imagined it would. I knew I felt bad... but as it hit me I knew it was real and we lost an amazing MC and PERSON. After my wifey came into my studio room and asked if I was O.k. I was able to regroup and go out... I went and picked up the homie Phil aka MC Kontrol and we set out to go kick it. I had a plan... We were going to find somewhere to rhyme.. Somewhere to go do what we loved.

 I took my Lasonic boombox with me to a Mag Bar and they were gracious enough to let us keep it out back and do what we do around the picnic tables. We freestyled with some people we never met and about 4 other MC's I know from the ville... I got HAMMER'd like Stanley Burrell. paws. I looked at the fresh faces eager to get thier turn in.. Talking over one another once they couldn't hold back and thought about the fact that tomorrow everyone of us would cherish that night. Phil told me it was one of the funniest nights he's EVER had. I have to agree even with the pounding hedache I awoke with. (On Phil's floor ha ha...It was THAT kind of night..I couldn't drive and I'm glad the homie was there)

 Drunk raps and emotion almost made me black out but I didn't and I actually have a pretty full set of memories for the night (I don't drink much at all) Such an awesome night of venting and just letting so much stress go. I needed it bad. I know alot of us need it bad.

I suggest to anyone copping with stress to freestyle to yourself about it. MC or not.. Don't even rhyme if it's not your talant just say to yourself what's wrong, out loud, and try to hit every angle from what's wrong to what will make it right. I'm a firm believer of getting it out and letting it shape the world around you. Even if it's just your own immediate world.

 Eyedea... We miss you down here. I know you didn't make it back to the ville but I feel like you were there. I really do. I wish you were still here to amaze us with an off top freestyle... Or to tell me about the process of a new song or to just recall a battle we saw together or whatever. Your music will live on. You went out a LEGEND. With a large LOVING fans base. Now the rest of us here doing it should take heed and try to do it with at least 1/3 of the conviction and heart you did... and we thank you for your contributuions to this thing called rap. I don't claim to know you any better than the 5 or 6 shows we did and multiple Scribble Jam convos but I understand why Copywrite MIGHT have made the track that's been getting him mixed feedback. He, probably like the rest of us, saw who you were because you displayed it so untransparently. I hope that's why he did it. You pushed word schemes, Ideas, and energy through you live like I havn't seen from many other performers and I've seen thousands. I myself want to write a song about you.. I'm not. I know I'll have a line or something that reminds me of you and cats like you that I know that relates to it... Because you influenced us all. You connected with us all and didn't just rap in front of us you partied with us and fought against parties with us too. We believed in you and still believe in what we saw in you.

R.I.P. Eyedea 10-17-2010


 This is how I'll always remember him: At Scribble Jam serving cats right and left and winning them over at the same time.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

the Empire - the Empire 1997

Here is what I would guess is a pretty rare tape from the Empire Crew out of the 513 around the 97 time frame. Comprised of Theo, Tommy Knocker & Mr. Vendetta (the first ever Scribble Jam battle winner) & others. This crew was one of the many dope Natti groups that made it's city such a perfect host for the aforementioned Hip Hop convention.

From the EPMD meets Nice N Smooth feeling beat of What You Gonna Do to the Bizmarkie-esque R n B vocal stylings on Thing's Will Never Change this tape was a breath of fresh air when I would slap it in the Amigo ha ha.

The favorite track for me tho is the posse cut You Don't Want it Like that with 9 or 7 MC's trying to outshine each other.. You know how a good posse cut goes.

Get it here with covers etc.

It's funny I ran acrossed this now as I just uploaded a GANG of photos from this time frame including a couple of the members of this crew repping in 97's 2nd Scribble Jam MC battle. The infamous one with J.U.I.C.E., Rhymefest, Dose One & Eminem battling repeatedly for the final trophy. That trophy went to J.U.I.C.E. by the way. That's right Em took a few loses here & there too.

Check the photo's here:

Shout's to A. Chodkoski Jones for the photo's