Thursday, February 3, 2011

Because the world is round...

It turns me on.

I've always wondered if they meant round like a pill? Round like an ass? Maybe round like a record? Because this piece of wax is dead sexy.

This a copy of the first record I remember ever buying that you could consider a "Mash-Up" which is the art form of taking an acapella from one existing song and adding a new back drop. Be it newly and specifically crafted for the recording or by using an existing industry beat. Think Danger Mouse when thinking of one with home made beats. As we all know, Danger, got in big trouble over sampling the Beatles. Big trouble and in the end big time. He's since went on to be part of Gnarles Barkley, Sparkle Horse, the Gorillaz etc. the man is a beast and started as a Masher Upper. Z-trip, Dj Wicked, Dj Wick-It, DJ Trouble are all known for the style.

This record has been labeled as a bootleg and as such there are really no rights to it that I am aware of. What follows are files of what is to be considered as a recording the playing of this record.

Back around 1997 I bought this wax at Ear X-tacy in Louisville, Kentucky. It's one of the coolest places in the 502 despite recently moving to a less cool building. To be fair when I bought it they were in a even less cool place than either spot. So maybe one day with your support they will be in an even doper spot again.. I know I hope so.I understand right now they are like millions of mom and pop shops across America... IF there are still a millions left I mean. Hmm..i wonder.

Anyway, Rip this and go support a record store somewhere. Support an artist and an establishment like the great ole American Record Store. Until then here's an roecrd I bought becaise it had Cerebus and the B-boys in graphiti on the cover.. When I got it home and found it to be a mash up of 2 of the greatest songs the fab four ever written and some tripped out Hip Hop beats.. It instantly became one of my top 10 favorite records of all time.Enjoy these copies of me giving this record a spin.

Kamikaze ONE 85 - the Beetle Juice E.P.