Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What to expect in the 2K11

Here's what to expect this year: More rips, More Video, More original content and a continuing strive towards excellence.

How's that for a resolution mission statement? We here at the Chop Shop Garage (by we, we mean me myself & I.. get it girl) are determined to bring you a plethora of entertainment. From live concert footage to scanned bits of the past and quantized music expressly squashed to the size that it will easily trickle through your iphone 4 ear buds.

I won't let the theft of my favorite camera of all time the Sony DSC H10, My Laptop, and more stop me from collecting & sharing everything I love from Local Music to Cartoon Girlfriends to Bums drinking on the street. What do the followers and accidental crossers by want to see hear/see? I'm a Record Head and a Hip Hop recording artist first and foremost in my own eyes. Let's go from there... Wu TAAAANG !!!

I was able to see Wu-Tang early in the year.. It rurned out to be a Great set off. I had seen Ghostface in Covington a Few Months back with Sheek Louch and that was a great show..Up front, Hands up.. Then Wu came and gave one of the best live sets I've ever been privy to and I've seen PE, The Beastie's, RUN DMC, Slick Rick LL Cool J, Brother Ali.. I've been to some great ones and this Wu Tang show fit the bill. All members were there except Rza... but we DID get ODB's son as an exchange and he made it at least as good as it would have been with Rza. At least ! :)

More battle rap videos and some footage should be forthcoming once I re-up for a decent camera ? What's good in the hand held handy-cam market ? I need to document.