Monday, April 25, 2011

Alright kiddies. Hold onto to your VW necklaces.. Tight roll them pants at the bottom.. and start the beer spewing as I take you back in time to the night me and my homies went to see the Beastie Boys at the Louisville Gardens.

First off I want to show you this Rolling Stone Archive which includes reference to this very show: *Why does my url not work, ever?

They talk about how they were told not to put the big penis on stage here ha ha..

and how they did anyway...

I remember it like yesterday (I'm not exactly sure of yesterday's date either)

Myself and my good homies Dion Walker and Mike Roland went to see our newest heroes those knuckle headed rap brats Mike D Ad Rock and MCA...

We hung out front row through the loud punk rawk Murphy's Law and the Funk Punk of Fishbone and the Beasties were taking forever to get started.. We couldn't take the heat and went for drinks..

after grabbing drink i entered what may have been my first ever freestyle cypher.. at least of this magnitude.. there were 5 of us rapping like we were the stars that night. Out of nowhere a girl appears grabbing at my jacket crying..

She thinks I'm MCA. We keep insisting I'm not when one of the guys, who I just now noticed were all wearing red jackets and wind breakers, grabbed my arm and started walking me through the crowd yelling "Security ! MCA coming through !"

the gardens parted like the red sea and we ended up right back up front row center.. the lights went out and the real Beastie's emerged... People started yelling at us and even throwing cokes at us but we just laughed and stayed up front and rocked out for the rest of the show. We didn't even get wet ha ha

from the cokes anyway...

I'm pretty sure Mike put a girl on his shoulders only to find she had no underwear on... I remember him saying he wasn't sure if that was cool or not.but he didn't make her get down. :)

Good Times.1987.Good Times.


2nd off here is an audio file you'll probably never hear anywhere else unless they rip it off from me.

the Beasties live @ WLOU just a few hours before the infamous event. (It's click and play or down-loadable too)

the Beasties try to get a little raunchy in the interview but it's all in good fun.. enjoy !

Friday, April 22, 2011

While we're not popping the cork just yet.. We are putting the ice in the bucket. The Kill Noise Collective/Grimey Rhyme regime collaboration is very near DONE. There is some Marvel/DC worlds collide fantasticness going on here. Richard Herrll did the production on multiple pieces of equipment. DAW's, Drum machines, Keyboard, Synthesizers, Guitar... the kid brought it. CRASH DDZ (The person's blog you are currently viewing} is the featured MC with a line up of friends on cameo duties. Mr. Goodbar, Leggaci, E-Dash of Xcape Artiz, CJ Prof of Actual People, Noah 23, Dynamic (Max78,)Sultra Devine, Meth Wun & the Kill Noise Killa himself, Joseph Web.

Join us on a journey through the future that is now to The Ends we manifest for ourselves. Ascend with killer robots to an eternity of bliss... and stuff...

The physical is coming with incredible graphics from Twisted Images own Sean McGlone.

CRASH DDZ will be performing track's off the album live on 5-20 at Uncle Pleasant's Lou Ky. CRASH DDZ thinks it's weird to type his name in third person.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Beastie Boys - Make Some Noise

~Spoiler alert~ I go in depth here... Add on.

If there's a full length link pm so I can edit...

If you don't want to know the bugged out ending read no further,...

They come out the apt. Right after fight for your right.. Danny McBride as MCA, Frodo is Ad Rock & Seth Green is Mike D.. They come down the steps and see some famous people..They go out side and trip on acid with more famous people..they walk into a party at a swanky restuarant and grab up the wine bottle and arm wrestle with it until Danny McBride floors everyone and guzzles it...

Shit is amazingly def jam era Beastienes in e.f.f.e.c.t.

Ad-Rock gets stabbed by the chick that has the masking taped nipple scene in Gummo.
Chloe swimblehblahblahblewvince

she's stupid hot.

More famous chicks in the limo.

They meet future Beastie Men Will Ferrel Ad Rock (Should have been MCA) Jack Black should have been Mike D but was MCA. John C Riley was Mike D.. He should have been Ad Rock only because Ferrel should have been MCA... But they play it to a T. I don't know if it's officially 420 but I felt stoned the whole 25 minutes or whatever the beats slow up and speed up to normal throughout.. It's a trip. It's got a funky beat and I can bug out to it.

Anyway they dance battle each other and it's . Like the 2nd def jam record finally leaking amazing...

Then they pee on each other. In the mouth.everybody.peeing.It's funny to read..but to see?

It was perfect... Up until they pee on each other. Beasties shoulda showed up earlier and lip synched their own lyrics for a bit instead of the piss. But up until that part I was grinning ear to ear.. wow factor for days on the cameos alone.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

So peep it. 7 months ago I did a track for scanners nine2. I did a preliminary version off the beat segment Dr. Gonzo sent me. I murked the fucking beat so much they didn't know what to do with it. We never got together to record anything else for it. 7 months yo. I'm sayin'. I am on the Coffin Nails track on that piece so go grab it off the Scanners Bandcamp page. This shits dope.

Also for the record the posse cut Coffin Nails features Doh, Nacirema, Mr. Goodbar, Pete Sake, Polio, CRASH DDZ, Baron VonYuckmeir, E-Dash, Meth Wun & CJ Prof This info is not available on the packaging.

Here's the demo version of Vain/Vein by Dr. Gonzo and CRASH DDZ. I released the private button on it. It's been up 7 months. Did I tell you that already? :)

VaiN/VeIN beat for Scanners to feat CRASH DDZ home demo 1 by CRASHDDZ