Thursday, April 14, 2011

So peep it. 7 months ago I did a track for scanners nine2. I did a preliminary version off the beat segment Dr. Gonzo sent me. I murked the fucking beat so much they didn't know what to do with it. We never got together to record anything else for it. 7 months yo. I'm sayin'. I am on the Coffin Nails track on that piece so go grab it off the Scanners Bandcamp page. This shits dope.

Also for the record the posse cut Coffin Nails features Doh, Nacirema, Mr. Goodbar, Pete Sake, Polio, CRASH DDZ, Baron VonYuckmeir, E-Dash, Meth Wun & CJ Prof This info is not available on the packaging.

Here's the demo version of Vain/Vein by Dr. Gonzo and CRASH DDZ. I released the private button on it. It's been up 7 months. Did I tell you that already? :)

VaiN/VeIN beat for Scanners to feat CRASH DDZ home demo 1 by CRASHDDZ

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    No idea why this article keeps omitting the scanners link.