Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hailing from Clarksville Indiana if memory serves, consisting of Money Rich-beatsmith and Mc, Sporty Scotty the Mc and BizMarkiesque hook Crooner and D J Ace on the wheels... They were

I ripped this old cassette a minute back and havn't heard it in awhile. My fave track off this is We're just looking for a brother beatwise anyway... It's beat full of samples ranging from bugged out Bugs Bunny cartoons to Kris Kristopherson's rally speach from Big Top Pee-Wee. I remember Money Rich as beng a conscious white kid that was real about the culture . He had good taste in hip hop in my opinion.. and his lyrics showed he did his homework. He was dope enough to beat me out of a local compitition or two as well.

He made a beat for me once on a toy-like keyboard that had a really simple sample function.. I remember he looped a piece off a Parliment record.. flipped it backwards and added some drums.. Whalah.. my first beat ever. The first one ever made for me to rhyme on. That was a great feeling. Thanks Money Rich ! (Money has since laid the mic down as an MC but contnues to produce music with the great Louisville band Digby)

Anyone know the year it was released ? I'm thinking 90-91?? I'll add a cover copy as soon as I re-re-locate the O.G. copy.
Grab a copy of the music right here:

I'm going to be doing a bunch of these soon. Feedback ensures I will continue.

Coming Soon: Tyk-NYN Society,tons of my own older material, Underground Mafia... Please hip me to any blogs you may know of documenting kentucky hip hop. I'm a fan you know ?
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