Monday, December 14, 2009

Tek Nyn Society - What the Funk iz up?

Tek-Nyn-Society was a group of kids from around the okalona area in the early 90's. I went to school with Detrick aka Trick Ice aka 3 and another kid Chris who went by Zero. When I'd Stay at my gradnmothers I'd ride the same bus as them. As always I'd have the walkman on and started talking to them about hip hop when they asked what I was listening to. I remember giving them a copy of a beat tape.. no originals stuff off the b-sides of other singles etc..

Later on we battled. My homie DJ Los bet these kids his turntables vs. thier reverb machine. I wasn't there and appaerntly they got into a heated arguement over who the better MC was between Zero and myself.. Ls threw a huge ass house party and we battled.. Trick came in with a keyboard and looped up a segment of more bounce to the ounce and we set off on each other. I gotta admit I wish we had been battling for that keyboard because it would be years later until I touched any production equipment. I WISH I had gotten started that early.. but instead after the house voted and a fight almost broke out we won a reverb that I have no idea whatever happened too?

The next time I saw Detrick he borrowed some music from me.. the Souls of mischief blue cassette the pharcyde maxi single with unreleased song PORK onit which Trick listened to and emulated by playing the melody himself on that same keyboard I think.. but you'll deffly recognize the lift.. He flipped easy and real quick like.. I remmeber being impressed with how quick he flipped the melody and didn't even use a sample outright at I if I recall right.. I never did get my cassettes back.Well, that sample would be the cornerstone to a local favorite "Whatthafunk is up?" backed with "the Sounds of the Nyn".

Trick brought a triple tounge style that no one else had at the time and a nasal tone flow that was part b-real part al b sure.. but dope nonetheless.This cassette sold out at camelot. record town and was played while MANY a kid cruised Preston. I saw a lot of copies of that fresh blue metalic tape. I'd also lke to mention M&M did production on this piece and called himself that waaaaaay before any of us knew of Mr. Mathers.(and the group Tek Nyn proceeded the MC Tech Nyn too)

Whatthefunkizup? Skylz instrumental

Sounds of the nyn ruff-nrugged instrumental

Download and/or listen to the tracks individually at the above links.


  1. Yo, great tape. Thanks for your ups

  2. No doubt. Did it all work for you ? I've had comments it didn't work but had no problem dling it myself ?

  3. Yes worked perfect for me. Thanks again

  4. Sorry if any of these are dead. I havn't found originals to re-up. I will post as soon as I run acrossed them. ( I havn't been sifting through tapes much lately )

  5. I just had this arguement with myself earlier too ha ha is it across them? or acrossed them? I think across in retrospect?