Monday, December 14, 2009

1995: What a summer part II

As promised part 2 of today's uploads Hen x the Stile - Reason for Paranoia
This piece of artifact is held down by the wose sage known as I-9 as he interlude's you through the 2 sides of this coin.. The Hen X side and the Dem Nigguhz side. The first side was Hen's solo material. Again the beats are boom bap to the fullest with some ill strings and loops here and there. I know a gang of the samples came off a mix tape I had made that Hen borrowed. The next day he said I chopped your tape up... I thought it was ruined but he only meant he had made another tape of samples he would later use on this cassette... All of which he flipped lovely.
Again he gives you a bonus beat and as I said the un-labeled skits and then on side 2 he gets busy with the crew Dem Nigguz, Geddo Tounges, Tribe 7 etc. I'll be bringing you some of those songs later if people are into these... I'd say there are at least 10 to 12 other tapes I have with these crew members that are as dope or better than these two and that's a high bar standard if you ask me.
1995... If I could go back I would and shit would be a loooooooooooot different. I'd quit my job and go for broke. ha ha... once again repect this cassette as one of the earlier archives of some of the BEST 502 hip hop ever.

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