Monday, December 14, 2009

1995: What a summer.

Today I'm dropping 2 cassette rips both from 40219's finest crew then called Dem Nigguhz later to be called Unstoppable. The first one here is from 502's own Melle Mel the Grand Incredible O.N.E.

This is a CLASSIC ville tape. Production from Father Jah aka Hen X the Stile & Dat Nigguh Wes for Gheddo Minded Productions keeps to the classic Boom Bap style. O.N.E. brings an Old School style to the mic that was rough rugged & raw and dope as f&#k. I saw him do many a live set based on this tape and let me tell you he ripped everyone of these tracks as hard live if not harder. That tape: Return of the Old School featuring the DN crew members I-9, Sean D, Jon Doe the Stick Up-Kid, Jaques Cousteau, Wreck D. Mic, Sandman, Crash DDZ & Black Lotus affiliate Chill.

If there were a VHS1 Hip Hop legends show based on the Ville O.N.E. would be the first inductee hands down. One of my all time favorite local tapes (and not just because it featured my 1st appearance on tape either) because this is when crews ran tight and this was before the B.S. that tore apart more than a few friendships. All respect due to the anchor and mentor of many a dope MC from Brewburg (Newburg). Stay tuned for another tape by Hen X the Stile called Reason for Paranoia also featuring the DN crew members I-9, Sean D, Stick Up-Kid, Jaques Cousteau, Wreck D. Mic & Sandman.

I'll drop more soon. I'm doing this out of respect for the music & the hustles we all went through back then. Here's to the good old school days.

The full length download has scans of the cover and the actual cassette.

Get it here:

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