Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wanted to make a messed up Christmas song. So I did.

Here's what happened when I tried to make a Christmas beat.... A dark aural collage of slow mo Christmas mojo. Not so much heavy on the Ho Ho Ho as it is the slow slope of a freshly snowed roof of dysfunctional America. Jingle bells on Nyquil if you will. A Head Butt from the Red White and Blue to the Red and the Green. Take a colored vinyl piece, some MPC taps and a little eggnog with a zigga zigga of paprika provided by an evangelist on wax and a barely understandable woman in tears about her alcoholic mother's abuse viola a Christmas Classic for the most dusted elves in the pride... I think it's pride? A that's not right// a pack of elves ? A heard maybe? One thing for sure: Cyndi Loo Whoo never heard a jingle like this.

One Foggy Christmas Eve by CRASH DDZ

One Foggy Christmas eve by CRASHDDZ

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